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    City Museum Global Mapping

    City Museum Global Mapping

    Since March 2020, CAMOC has been pursuing “The City Museums Global Mapping  Project”, supported by ICOM. 

    This project tackles a critical problem: the lack of evidence-based knowledge about the number and type of city museums that currently exist in the world. What is a city museum today? How many city museums are there? What are their approaches and tools? These are essential data for the future positioning of CAMOC and ICOM itself in the urban world. Museum professionals across the world are teaming up to promote a research survey and develop a digital map that will help answer these questions and help paint a picture of the evolution of city museums worldwide.

    Along with CAMOC, the project is also supported by ASPAC (Asia-Pacific Alliance), NTUE (National  Taipei University of Education), and COMCOL (International Committee for Collecting). The scientific  coordination is by Prof. Francesca Lanz (Politecnico di Milano and Manchester University), a  renowned specialist in city museums concepts and contemporary trends. 

    The goals of the research are to learn about the different types of city museums around the globe -- where they are, what they do, and how they do it -- to discover how rich and diverse city museums  nowadays are, and to show their role as key actors in contemporary urban socio-cultural scenarios. 

    The result of the project will be a website and map of identified city museums around the world. A  companion book will be published to highlight some of the discoveries of the research. 

    Your help is now needed to contribute to the effort by filling out the online survey or sharing it with  city museum colleagues. The survey is available in ten different languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Italian, and we are expecting a couple more.

    The questionnaire, which takes no more than 30-45 minutes, and further details can be found at the  project website: https://citymuseums-mapping.com/

    We hope to receive your surveys back by February 15, 2022, if possible. 

    Survey participation from city museums in your region and beyond will help drive this bold effort to  identify and connect city museums of all approaches and sizes, and to learn about their similarities in  approaching their urban communities as well as what makes each unique. 

    The project team remains available for any questions or additional information you might need.