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    COMCOL Annual Conference 2020

    COMCOL Annual Conference 2020

    From 9-12 September COMCOL will have their 2020 annual conference online,  jointly organized with ICOM Russia. The title of the conference is Collecting Diversity: Divergence as Dialogue. 

    Museums can play a crucial role in the waves of societal struggles that are visible and dominating many public discussions these days. They have the capacity to reformulate social, cultural, and environmental values and can function as mirrors or sounding boards for their societies. They have the possibility to echo the problems of the contexts in which they are immersed and to focus on fostering diverse values for better social co-existence.

    Below the outline of the program and the registration links for each session. (so be aware that each session has it’s own dedicated registration link)

    WEDNESDAY September 9 

    THURSDAY September 10

    FRIDAY September 11

    SATURDAY September 12