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    Europeana 2021: Recover, Rebuild, Grow

    Europeana 2021: Recover, Rebuild, Grow

    About Europeana 2021

    As the cultural heritage sector looks to recover, rebuild and grow in post-pandemic times, Europeana 2021 aims to raise voices from across the sector to empower digital transformation and explore the role digital cultural heritage plays in supporting a sustainable, responsible and inspiring cultural heritage sector for today and tomorrow. 

    Taking place from 10 - 12 November, the conference will cover themes key to the future of digital cultural heritage - and our world as a whole: digital public sphere and data spaces, participation, diversity and inclusion, collaboration, climate action and more, as we equip participants with new knowledge, skills and connections.

    Why Europeana 2021?

    • A conference developed by and designed for you: 70% of the conference programme has been opened up to professionals working in and around the cultural heritage sector to share expertise, knowledge and experience in varied sessions. 

    • Skill up: Europeana 2021 aims to help you develop your capacity for working with digital cultural heritage. Whether it’s learning the basics or gaining a new skill, Europeana 2021 will be an opportunity to develop your knowledge or refine existing practice.

    • Online and interactive: Panel discussions, workshops and more. Create your own programme and get the most out of it for you and your organisation. Join in live post-session reflections and discussions on social media.

    • Connect with other professionals: Going digital doesn’t have to mean missing on coffee breaks and evening socials. Join in with our fringe events, like our pub quiz, #DigitalAperitivo and more!

    Book your free spot today, and if you’d like to help spread the word, please share the link on your social media channels, using the hashtag #Europeana2021.