• Counsil of Museum
    ICR Annual Conference

    ICR Annual Conference

    November 24-25, 2021, online


    Questions to consider: 

    • How do we take back control of our lives and our institutional activities, initiating change rather than responding to it?

    • How do our institutions evolve in a changing world?  Do we need to adjust from the pre-pandemic ways of work, thought, and collaboration?

    • Do we need to plan for ecological issues in our communities? 

    We invite you to participate in this conference and are now accepting abstracts for review.  All abstracts should be a max of 250 words (Times New Roman, font size 12) and submitted in English, along with a biography of the author not exceeding 75 words. You may include up to 5 keywords and note any special technological assistance you will require. 

    Be sure to include the following details with your submission:

    • Title

    • Name and institution of author

    • ICOM number (if applicable)

    • E-mail address

    Please send all abstracts, before the listed deadline, to:

    Huang Lei, ICR Secretary: huanglei97@aliyun.com

    Havatzelet Yahel, ICR Board Member: icr.icom.2020@gmail.com


    Submission of Abstracts: July 31, 2021

    Announcement of Approved Proposals: August 15, 2021

    Full Text Submission: October 31, 2021