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    International Committee for Literary and Composers’ Museums

    International Committee for Literary and Composers’ Museums

    Annual Conference of the International Committee for Literary and Composers’ Museums in Kyoto, Japan, during ICOM General Conference, September 1-7th, 2019

    Theme: «Literary and Composers’ Museums as Cultural Hubs». 


    • 2 September 2019
    Sessions 1-2 «Sustainable cultural activity of literary and composers museums»

    Moderator: Galina Alekseeva (State Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy at Yasnaya Polyana)

    14.30-15.45 (Room IMH-206)
    1. Galina Alekseeva (ICLCM, Chair). ICLCM in its collaboration with writers’ and composers’ museums
    2. Bernhard Lauer (Association of the Brothers Grimm: Archives, Library, Museum, Publishing House, Kassel, Germany). The Brothers Grimm and Japan
    3. Vesna Delić Gozze (Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Croatia). Toward the purpose to create a hub in a synergetic ambience
    4. Alla Bayramova (The State Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan, Baku,Azerbaijan). The Music Lovers Club as an Example of Sustainable Cultural Activity
    16.30-18.00 (Room IMH-206)
    1. Kourosh Kamali Sarvestani (ICOM Iran). The International Literary Celebrities Museum Garden
    2. Ulrike Spring (University of Oslo/Western Norway University of Applied Sciences), Johan Schimanski (University of Oslo/University of Eastern Finland). Exhibiting Transnational Mobility in the Author Museum
    3. Catherine Lefebvre, Maria Dubin (The Karen Blixen Museum, Denmark). How to create a home for literature, nature and contemporary art 
    4. Yuriy Komlev (The Orenburg Museum of Fine Arts, Orenburg, Russia). The Orenburg Museum on the Border of Europe and Asia

    • 3 September 2019
    Sessions 3-4 «New interpretations of literary and composers’ museums»

    Moderator: Fredrikke Hegnar von Ubish (Asker Museum, Norway)

    13.30-15.45 (Room 663)
    1. Alessandra Bosco (Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino Republic of San Marino), Elena La Maida (Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino), Michele Zannoni (Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino). The Historical House Museum. From Conveyed Memory to Participated Experience.
    2. Lin Pei-Jung (National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Taiwan). A case Study of the 3D Digital Collections of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Taiwan.
    3. Alexandra Shetrakova (The Moscow Yesenin Museum, Moscow, Russia). Reinventing the Literary Museum: the Yesenin Center Project as a Culture Hub and Community Centre
    4. Elena Komleva (The Orenburg State Pedagogical University, Orenburg, Russia). The International Educational Project “Hard to Forget”
    16.30-18.00 (Room 663)
    1. Maira Valtera (The Janis Akuraters Museum, Riga, Latvia). Writers’ Museums as Cultural Hubs: Latvian Experience. Formation of Tradition and Its Further Development 
    2. Nadezhda Kulakova (The State Historical and Cultural Natural-Reserve Museum Griboedova «Khmelita», Russia). The State Historical and Cultural Natural-Reserve Museum Griboedova «Khmelita»
    3. Genrikh Vardenga (The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia). Alive museum of thaw: Dubna as a socio-cultural phenomenon
    4. Shigemi Nakagawa (Japan). Mapping Literary World in Japan as  Strategy of Literary museum.
    5. Arusyak Ghazaryan (Museum of Literature and Art after Yeghishe Charents, Armenia). Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Perch Proshyan House-Museum as a Transmitter of Traditions

    4 September 2019 (Room 665)
    1. General meeting
    2. ICLCM elections