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    International conference on corporate museums 2016

    International conference on corporate museums 2016

    The Third International Conference “Corporate Museums Today” will take place from 15 to 17 December 2016 at the World Ocean Museum, Kaliningrad. It will be devoted to the theme: «Audience Strengthening of the Corporate Museum as an Incentive to the Industry’s Development»

    Nowadays corporate and departmental museums for the most part are closed and little-known platforms that possess unique collections raveling the history of various spheres of life, from ethnographical investigations to space technology elaborations. However, due to the lack of governmental control, not all of the corporate and departmental museum’s objects are properly protected. Thus, museums as a nonspecialized asset in conditions of economic instability tend to be closed by their founders, and, as result, their collections might be lost. Furthermore, the majority of museums are not fully subsidized. So how we suppose to change the situation to the better? How to raise the status and attractiveness of corporate and departmental museums?

    Providing museums with widened openness for an external audience is the main purpose. The significance of the proper sector must be demonstrated by means of museum activity. That might be achieved throughout making new expositions, creating and offering modern educational programs, cooperating with local and professional communities and with industry veterans and carrying out active exhibition policy at all. Active working process with children, school groups and students can contribute to the professional orientation of a growing generation, involving young professionals with science and capturing them in science production as well.

    Issues for discussion:

    • How to attract visitors in the corporate museum?

    • How to carry out an effective exhibition policy as an enterprise’s museum with a limited access mode?

    • Is there opportunity of corporate museums audience expansion using the Internet and social media as an extra resource?

    • How to work more effectively with children and teen audience?

    • How to line up a working process with an industry senior community?

    • Is there opportunity for corporate museums being a mediator between the industry and the audience?

    • How does the museum form a territory brand?

    All these and following questions will be discussed in the framework of the conference.


    We invite everyone who is interested in the development of corporate museums to take part in the conference, as well as to make a presentation on one of the questions listed above.

    For participation, please, fill in the registration form. Participation is free. Travel and accommodation are at the expanse of a sending part.

    The deadline for applications – on 30 November. We would like to draw your attention that number of participants is limited – no more than 120 people.

    In case you wish to make a report, please send the abstract of your presentation (no more than 250 words) to the Executive Directorate of ICOM Russia (icom.russia@gmail.com) until November 18, 2016.