• International conference Photography in the Museum

    International conference Photography in the Museum

    Each year, ROSPHOTO holds an international conference Photography in Museum, in which many researchers from both Russia and abroad take part. The conference is devoted to the study of photographic collections in state storage. As a result of each conference, ROSPHOTO publishes illustrated conference proceedings. By the present moment, the conference has made it possible to introduce into the scholarly discourse over 300 museum, archival, and library collections. The Photography in Museum proceedings will serve as the foundation for the creation of an academic reference book on the state-owned photographic collections of the Russian Federation.

    Some of the conferences are organized in connection with anniversaries of important historical events. For instance, in 2015, the conference was dedicated to photographic records of the Great Patriotic War, marking the 70th anniversary of its end. In 2017, the conference investigated into the photographic heritage of the Russian Revolution and the formation of photographic collections during the first years of Soviet rule. In 2018, the topic of the conference is the photographic heritage of the Romanov family kept in state-owned funds of the Russian Federation.

    The program of the conference.