• International festival “Intermuseum 2018”

    International festival “Intermuseum 2018”

    During the International festival “Intermuseum 2018” devoted to the theme “Museums and Society”, the Russian National Committee of the International Council of Museum will hold series of events to discuss topical problems of the museum development.

    31 May 2018

    4 p.m – 6 p.m – Roundtable "What is the Museum Today?"

    The event is organized by ICOFOM, ICOM Russia and Russian State University of the Humanities

    In the context of globalization and fast-growing speed of information exchange, museums face with increasing competition between different players that form the cultural content for the society. Since museums have been rapidly changing for last decades, it is time to rethink the ongoing processes and try to answer the following questions «What is the museum today? », «What role does the museum play in the society? », «What competencies are required by the museum?». These considerations will help the participants of the discussion understand whether today`s definition of “museum” reflects the contemporary situation or it needs the correction. Maybe, we should reconsider completely this term?

    At the end of the roundtable, the organizers will develop recommendations, which will be sent to the ICOM Committee for Museum Definition, Prospects and Potentials

    1 June 2018

    2 p.m.– 4 p.m. – Discussion "Museum and Migrants"

    The event is organized by the State Museum of the History of Religion and ICOM Russia in memory of Deputy Director of the State Museum of the History of Religion T.M. Pchelyanskaya.

    The discussion will focus on a wide range of issues related to museum practices of adaptation and education of migrants, including programs based on methods of art-therapy and other tools used to ensure social wellbeing. We will try to understand the role of museums in the interpretation and representation migration problems, as well as in building a dialogue between migrants and local communities.

    5.30 p.m. – 7 p.m. – "Contemporary Space of the Museum – the Space of the Security" 

    The event is organized by ICOM Russia, the State Hermitage Museum, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.

    Contemporary society has been facing a wide range of threats: terrorism, emergencies, technogenic disasters, environmental incidents.  In this regard, the attention of the government and society is largely focused on the questions of the security of cultural organizations, especially, museums, which are the most visiting cultural institution. Along with these issues, we will discuss the security of visitors and the safeguarding of collections. In the framework this section, the Russian translation of the UNESCO / ICCROM Manual "Endangered Heritage: Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections" (2016) will be presented to the museum community. The project on the translation of the manual was implemented by ICOM Russia in cooperation with the Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.

    2 June 2018

    10.30 a.m. – 1.45. p.m. – Accessible Environment and Inclusion at the Museum: Criteria and Secrets of Success.  

    The event is organized by ICOM Russia and the All-Russian Decorative-Applied and Folk Art Museum

    The event has the aim to consider problems and solutions of museums implementing programs for people with disabilities and include three thematic blocks:

    1. All-Russian Project “Inclusive museum”: recommendations and educational instruments created in response to the needs of the museum community; presentations of the winners of Grant competition.
    2. Museums practices: from idea to realization. How to elaborate the strategy of developing the museum`s inclusion? What are the first steps in creating an inclusive program?  Who you can ask for help? How to measure the efficiently of work?
    3. Intermuseum and cross-sectoral cooperation for the development of museum accessibility at the educational sphere. The presentation of the conception of the new intermuseum project for families with children with disabilities “Towards discoveries”.