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    “Museums and people in the mobile world”

    “Museums and people in the mobile world”

    International online seminar “Museums and people in the mobile world”  will be held online from 16 to 19 November. 

    The event is organized by Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation in the framework of the project “Migrations: Revealing the Personal”.

    The event will consist of lectures, presentations, discussions, and workshops. 

    During the seminar, the participants are welcome to become acquainted with:  

    • contemporary research in the field of migration, 
    • examples of cultural influence on the development of civil dialog and successful practices of newcomers' interaction with the local community, inspiring practices of museums working on migration, mobility, and diversity. 

    Leading specialists from museums worldwide, researchers, academics, community members, and representatives of non-governmental organizations will be participating in the seminars as speakers. 

    We invite all museum workers from all over the world, specialists from educational and non-governmental organizations to take part in the seminar, “Museums and people in the mobile world.” 

    Registration is free of charge and available on this link.

    The full programme.

    Working languages: Russian, English, and Russian Sign Language

    Our contacts: ICOM Russia Executive directorate: icom.russia@gmail.com