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    ICOM in Russia

    ICOM in Russia

    ICOM Russia is a Russian National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), an international organization of museums and museum professionals committed to the conservation, continuation, and promotion of the world's natural and cultural heritage: http://icom.museum/

    The Russian National Committee has been an ICOM member since 1957. There are about 1300 individual and 177 institutional members in ICOM Russia today. 

    Through its Executive Directorate, ICOM Russia has been conducting an active work with individual and collective members of the Committee, particularly: 

    • regularly informs about international events organized by ICOM and other museum organizations;
    • organizes and coordinates international symposia, conferences, and seminars focused on museum work, as well as national and regional trainings on museum management; 
    • designates the Committee’s representative delegation to participate in ICOM General Conferences, museum events and festivals;    
    • provides consultative and methodological assistance, etc.