Migration: Revealing the Personal

УДК 304.4 ББК 79.1+71.46 Agapova, D.A., Khalikova, D.R.,Sinitsyna, O.V., Zhvitiashvili, N.Y. (Eds.). Migration: Revealing the Personal. Museum practices and recommendations for working on migration, mobility and diversity. (2020) / D.R. Khalikova, & O.V. Sinitsyna (Ed-in-Ch.) Moscow: ICOM Russia. The Collection of Museum Practices and Recommendations for Working on Migration, Mobility and Diversity is prepared within the framework of the project Migration: Revealing the Personal which is implemented by the Russian National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM Russia) with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation. Editorial Board: Daria Agapova, Dinara Khalikova, Olga Sinitsyna, Nana Zhvitiashvili Editors-in-Chief: Dinara Khalikova, Olga Sinitsyna Translation from English into Russian: Olga Sinitsyna, Alexandra Smirnova Proofreading of the Russian text: Elena Shabalova Translation from Russian into English: Sofya Averchenkova, Tatiana Shvets Proofreading of English text: Christine Grant Head of Project: Dinara Khalikova Production: Daria Strakhova, Afanasy Gnedovsky, Dinara Khalikova, Olga Chistanova Cover design and layout: Rubina and Sabina Khosseyn Tables drawing: Mark Tartagashev Photos on the cover: © Museum of Cycladic Art, Greece. Photo: Paris Tavitian © Tyne &Wear Archives & Museums, UK © M Leuven, Belgium © “Kids are Kids” Integration Centre for Refugee and Migrant Children. The photo is provided by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Russian Federation. Photo: Alexandr Lazarev © Herbatim project, Russian Federation. Photo: Alexandra Astakhova The Editorial Board acknowledges the advice and assistance in preparing this publication provided by Natalia Potapova, Tatyana Shcherbakova, Anastasia Lazarenko, Ararat Babayan, Elisabeth Ioannides, Jennifer Hinves, Venera Khalikova, Maria Feuer and the Faculty of Rhetoric, Department of English, Carnegie Mellon University. © The Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM Russia), 2020 © Authors, 2020 М57