Migration: Revealing the Personal

2 CONTENTS INTERDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVE VANNO NOUPECH Сulture in Migration Policy Vlada Baranova, Anna Ter-Saakova, Daria Agapova Sensitive Language: Researcher and Practitioners in Conversation about General Problematics Konstantin Andree v Importance and Methodology of Working with Personal Histories Dr. Kathrin Pabs t Between Collecting and Transmitting: Ethical Challenges for Museums Working with Sensitive Stories Related to Migration Armando Perl a Ethical Museum Practice: Why Guidelines are Needed Andrey Yakimov Working with Migration Processes in Museum Spaces: Challenges and Recommendations Evgeny Varshave r Migration Museum as a Dream and a Project 38 39 46 52 56 59 64 OLGA SINITSYNA The Role of Museums in Researching and Representing Migration Issues Dinara Khalikov a Migrations and ‘Mobilities’: Museum’s Response to Changes in the Modern World Daria Agapov a The Museum as a Diversity Agent: Transformative Practices of Participation and Inclusion Nana Zhvitiashvil i (Inter)cultural Competencies in the Museum Sector: an Invitation to Professional and Personal Reflexivity 9 14 21 27 Foreword by ICOM Russia PREFACE 5 6 8 – 66 ProblemATIC field and conceptual approaches