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    From audience to people

    From audience to people

    We are happy to announce another NEMO training opportunity in collaboration with ADESTE+. Last year NEMO members were invited to join the popular ADESTE+ Summer School “Change within Change. Re-examining the role of the cultural organisation and its relationship with the public”.

    This year, 8 NEMO members are guaranteed to join the free online training FROM AUDIENCE TO PEOPLE - A journey for changemakers, which focuses on audience development, changemaking and human centred design tools. The participants will meet for six 3-hour sessions on 29 September and 5,6,12,13 and 20 October 2021. 

    You will find more details in the call for participants.

    How to apply:

    • Fill out this form

    • In the last question of the form, If you want to add something you find relevant, please state here, please write “I am a member of NEMO working at [add the name of your organisation]”.

    • Deadline for NEMO members to fill out the form: Sunday 5 September 2021

    • The first eight members to apply to the summer school are guaranteed a spot

    For further information, please check the FAQ or contact organizers to summerschool@adesteplus.eu