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    Migrations: Revealing the Personal

    Migrations: Revealing the Personal

    "Migrations: Revealing the Personal" project is implemented by ICOM Russia with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation.

    The project is aimed at strengthening the capability of museums in solving the problem of negative attitudes to migration as well as discrimination of people with migration background and lack of conditions for their social adaptation in the Russian society. We believe in this power of museums because they are increasing their social role in society, contributing to social interaction, dialogue and inclusion of various social groups. 

    Social significance

    Our society is formed by people with different lifestyles, experiences and sociocultural characteristics. Recognition of this diversity as a norm and value is necessary for harmonious human development. However, sociopolitical and economic crises cause intensification of social tension, and a negative attitude towards migrants and refugees, who can be taken as a threat to stability and security. Although migration is an integral part of human history, the negative connotation of this phenomenon dominates within the Russian society. Consequently, it prevents from comprehending the versatility and positive impact of migration on the development of cultures.

    The project involves a range of activities aimed at identifying productive forms of museums` work with the theme of migration, popularization of best practices and methods of this work, development of inter-museum participatory programs for people with migration background, as well as promoting the value of cultural diversity in the professional community and among wide audience.

    Formats of work: organization of seminars and workshops, consultations and expert meetings, development of manuals and other educational materials, creation of multimedia products.


    "Migrations: Revealing the Personal" is an interdisciplinary project which brings together museum specialists, researchers, academics and representatives of communities and organizations supporting people with migration background.

    The goal of the project: to help museums in promoting the theme of migration as a significant sociocultural process and in involving people with migration background in the cultural activities.

    Project objectives:

    • Investigation of the museums` technologies of work with the topic of migration, including Russian and foreign experience; 

    • Popularization of best practices, development of recommendations for museums and training of museum staff; 

    • Overcoming the negative connotations of the "migration" concept in the public space with the help of museums` resources; 

    • Building interaction between museums, research centers, educational institutions, specialized organizations and communities which contribute to the integration of people with migration background in the cultural environment; 

    • Exchange of experiences between museums and the elaboration of museum projects about migration and with participation of people with migration background.

    The role of “personal” in the project

    The project is focused on storytelling methods which put migration into a context defined by an individual experience. The contact with personal stories helps to break attitudinal barriers and existing stereotypes regarding people with migration background.

    Contacts for questions and suggestions: Dinara Khalikova, Project Director, ICOM Russia, d.khalikova@icom-russia.com

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